There is a washing machine for everyone! From models with large capacity drums, advanced washing cycles and highly efficient energy ratings to reduced noise levels and super fast spin speeds; Teletime has a wide selection of washing machines for households of all types and sizes. Teletime will guide you through the key features and benefits to help you choose which appliance is best suited to you and your family. View our complete line up from all the leading brands


The size of your washer is an important consideration: the bigger the drum, the more you can wash. As a simple guide to follow- Just over 2 pounds or 1kg is about the weight of a top, a pair of pants, underwear and socks. High capacity machines allow you to wash less frequently, cutting down on energy bills and environmental impact. When it comes to weight, have a washing machine to suit every size of household. If you have a larger-sized family or normally perform larger loads, try a high capacity drum. If you live in a smaller household with less people, consider a smaller capacity machine.

 Spin Speed

Faster spin speeds expel more moisture, which of course leaves your clothing dryer when they come out of the washing machine. A fabulous feature for items which have longer drying times like Jeans and heavy fabrics. This allows outfits to be ready for wear quickly and may suit the family always on the go. Like a car, speeds can range quite dramatically from different models so always check the RPM (Revolutions per Minute) of a machine. Look for a washing machine with a regular spin speed for everyday laundry. However, if you frequently hang your clothing to avoid shrinkage or for the purpose of saving on electricity, you may want to consider a washing machine with a higher spin speed/ higher RPM.

 Technology and Features

Different settings on washers care for different garment types- This can really help you save on energy consumption and further purchasing due worn down garments. The gentle wash feature can be found in numerous models which can really help care for your clothing by keeping them looking newer for longer- A great feature for delicate fabrics like silk, lace, linen, and wool. A quiet performing feature can really aid in keeping the peace in the household- If you have babies or small kids, finding time to run a loud washing machine can be tough. If quiet time is important to you, so is this feature. Then of course there are the advancements within the industry that allow these new washing machines to have intelligent systems. What this means is many appliances today can adjust the consumption of water needed for that particular load. Only using what is needed helps reduce that monthly electricity bill. Also, some models intelligent systems can determine, dispense, and dose the proper amount of detergent and softener you need for each specific load. This allows further savings at the store on cleaning products. The Quick Wash feature is a fabulous tool if you're pressed for time- with lightly-soiled loads or fewer items to clean, you can wash your garments in no time. Washers with steam features work to reduce stubborn bacteria in fabrics. Note: Steam dryers can greatly reduce wrinkles and help sanitize those delicate fabrics. For some, energy rating can be an important feature; when making a purchase, look at the 'annual consumption' on the technical information for an idea to the machines energy efficiency level. This will help you easily compare the water and energy consumption of the washer. However, all currents brands and models are considered extremely conscious of energy levels compared to older models.

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