27" Samsung 5.3 Cu. Ft. All-in-one Combi Washer & Dryer - WD53DBA900HZA1

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  • Save time. Save energy. All-in-one combo
  • Space-saving & convenient one-stop laundry
  • Super-fast washing and drying in 98 mins

Save time. Save energy. All-in-one combo


No Load Transfer

AI Laundry Combo™

AI Laundry Combo™ washes and dries clothes in one machine with no load transfer.


Largest Capacity Fastest Cycle Time*

Ultra Capacity with Super Speed

This 6.1 cu. ft Ultra Capacity Combo washer and dryer delivers powerful cleaning performance in 98 minutes.**

* Among W/D Combo with heat pump dryers, based on a 10 lb DOE load. wash. ** Based on using a Super Speed cycle only with an 10 lb DOE load (cotton 50% + polyester 50%). Individual results may vary based on actual load content.


Takes the guesswork out of cycle selection

AI Opti Wash & Dry™

AI Opti Wash & Dry™ detects soil level and fabrics adjusting settings as needed during the cycle to deliver a better wash & dry.*

* Based on AI-based algorithm using the AI Opti Wash & Dry™ cycle on an IEC 8 lb load. A turbidity sensor operates for all weights, while fabric sensing operates for 8 lbs and under. Actual results may vary depending on individual use. To prevent wear, wash like fabrics together.



Easy, hands-free voice activation

Voice Enabled

Easily select your Bespoke AI Laundry Combo(tm) washer and dryer cycle, turn it on or off, access settings and more — all with your voice.*

* Available on droid and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.


Wash more in one Load

6.1 Cu.Ft. Ultra Capacity

Ultra Capacity lets you wash & dry more items in a single load, meaning fewer loads, less time in the laundry room, and more time doing the things you love.

* Compared to the Samsung [WF53BB8900ATUS] model.


Skip adding detergent

Flex Auto Dispense System

Automatically dispense up to 47 loads of detergent or flex one compartment to dispense up to 34 loads of softener and 25 loads of detergent with the Flex Auto Dispense System.

* Actual results may vary depending on individual use. ** Expected number of loads: Detergent compartment can hold general detergent for up to 25 loads. Flex compartment can hold one of the following: softener for up to 34 loads, general detergent for up to 22 loads or specialty detergent for up to 29 loads.


Easy-to-use touch screen

AI Hub* (7" LCD Display)

The intuitive 7" AI Hub™ LCD Display gives you quick and easy access to cycles & washer and dryer settings.



Help keep oceans cleaner

Less Microfiber Cycle

Reduce the chances of micro plastics from escaping into the world’s oceans. The Less Microfiber™ cycle gently cleans synthetic textiles reducing 39% of microfibers releasing into the ocean.

* Based on testing by the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab using a 2kg load of 100% polyester hoodies, comparing the Synthetics cycle on a Samsung conventional model 27" washing machine with US design and the Less Microfiber cycle. Results may vary depending on the actual clothes and usage conditions.


Bubble powered washing

AI Bubble™

Samsung AI Bubble™ combines water, air and detergent to create a cleansing foam that seeps into fabrics for an effective wash.


Gently dry clothes at a low temperature

Heat pump drying Technology

Dry clothes quickly, gently and efficiently at low temperatures. Heatpump Drying technology offers a revolutionary drying performance. It continually recycles the hot air used to dry your laundry by reheating and dehumidifying it. So it reduces the drying time by 50%* and energy use by 70%**.

* Based on internal testing of the cycle time when drying an IEC 6kg load. Results: BESPOKE AI ONE model with a heatpump = 120 minutes vs. WD21B6400KV/** model with a condenser = 250 minutes, which is a reduction of 52%. Individual results may vary based on actual load contents. ** Based on internal testing of the energy usage when drying an IEC 6kg load. Results: BESPOKE AI ONE model with a heatpump = 1.4kWh vs. WD21B6400KV/** model with a condenser = 4.7kWh, which is a reduction of 70%. Individual results may vary based on actual load contents.



Smart laundry care and control

Wi-Fi embedded

Use your washer and dryer easily and effectively with the SmartThings App*. The Laundry Planner optimizes your daily schedule**.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. It stores user data, preferences and usage patterns to suggest the most useful options. ** The recommended washing cycle is only based on time and may not be appropriate for the type of fabrics or stain level of the articles being washed.


Optimized for the way you live your life

Clothing Care

Enjoy personalized and efficient laundry. Clothing Care* analyzes your usage** and other factors to make recommendations and customize cycles***. Using a detergent/softener’s bar code it sets the right amount****. It suggests cycles based on care labels. And you can buy laundry supplies*****.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required. ** Stores user data, preferences and usage patterns to suggest the most useful options. *** The user will be solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result, including but not limited to any damage or harm caused by incorrect information provided by the user. **** This function is only available when using liquid detergents and softeners made by P&G, including the detergent brands Tide, Gain, Dreft, Ariel, 9 Elements, Cheer, Era, Ivory and Ivory Snow and the softener brands Downy, Tide, Gain and 9 Elements, but it may not recognize certain items. ***** To use Alexa Smart Reorder to buy supplies, you need to link SmartThings to Alexa and activate the Alexa Smart Reorder.


Smart household energy efficiency


Manage your energy usage SmartThings Energy* provides energy efficiency tips. It also monitors the energy consumption of appliances** in real-time and compares it to the previous month. And it alerts you if your monthly targets might be exceeded.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. ** SmartThings Energy currently works with around 40 Samsung home appliances that are SmartThings enabled. These include washing machines, clothes dryers, dish washers, air conditioners, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, ovens, hoods, cooktops, microwave, TVs (from June 2022) and energy meters.


Automated care and proactive maintenance

Home Care

Take care of your washer or dryer easily. SmartThings Home Care* notifies you when parts need replacing and helps troubleshoot problems. It also shows you how to update the software of services and devices**. And it provides useful tips on using your appliance, as well as a user manual.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. ** Only available in the US.



Plug in, start cycle. Set up complete.

Easy installation

The Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ All-in-One washer and ventless heat pump dryer plugs into any standard 120V outlet.



Gently remove stains

Steam Wash

The power of steam gently removes stains without time-consuming pretreatments. Steam is released from the drum so every item in the load is thoroughly saturated, ensuring a deep clean.


Advanced drying made simple

Auto Open Door

The Auto Open Door opens at the end of the drying cycle to evaporate any leftover moisture leaving clothes perfectly dry and smelling fresh for when you're ready to take them out.


Easy maintenance

Auto Condenser Cleaning

The Auto Condenser Cleaning system keeps the heat condenser clean. The Auto Condenser Cleaning powerful water nozzle sprays the heat exchanger with water just before the drying cycle ends. It removes the lint and dirt that normally accumulates over time, which leads to less effective drying.


Cleans and refreshes inside your combo

Product Care (Self Clean+ / Self Dry)

Keep the inside of the machine hygienically clean and fresh. Self Clean+ removes dirt and odor-causing bacteria in the drum by soaking, pulsating and spinning. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning*. And Self Dry uses hot air to dry any moisture inside the drum.

* Provides a notification after every 25 cycles.



Smart energy savings of up to 19%

AI Energy Mode

Monitor and reduce your washer’s energy use.** AI Energy mode lets you easily check power consumption and estimates your electricity bill.*** For cycles that operate in AI Energy mode it can help reduce energy use of up to 19%.*

* Comparing factory setting temperature without AI Energy mode and with AI Energy, which optimizes the compressor speed and defrost cycle based on usage pattern and conditions. Results may vary depending on the usage pattern and conditions. ** Available on compatible models from June 2023 through a Wi-Fi update through the SmartThings app on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. *** Estimate only, based on user-input or linked data; consult actual bill.


ENERGY STAR® certified energy efficiency (Most efficient)

ENERGY STAR® Certified (Most efficient)

Our washers are recognized by the EPA in delivering cutting edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation.*

* Visit www.energystar.gov for more information on ENERGY STAR® guidelines.


Purchase with confidence

20-Year Motor Warranty

Samsung washing machines are covered by a 20-Year Warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor.* Purchase with confidence, and enjoy superior efficiency and long-lasting performance.*

* 20-Year warranty limited to the Digital Inverter Motor purchased on 7/1/2022 or later. Purchase receipt indicating purchase date required for a claim. Additional restrictions and limitations apply, see warranty for details.


How to measure

Physical specifications & size
Drum MaterialStainless Steel
WiFi EmbeddedYes
App Connectivity
SmartThings App SupportYes
Physical specifications & size
Gross Dimension (WxHxD)29.4 x 49.2 x 36.0 inch 
Voltage/Frequency120V / 60 Hz
Gross Weight328 lbs 
Net Weight317 lbs 
Net Dimension (WxHxD)27.0 x 43.7 x 34.4 inch
Setting ListSamsung accounts, Connections (Wifi / Easy Installation), Child Lock, Sounds (Mode, Theme, Volume, Voice), Home device notifications, Display (Mode, Brightness, Font), Display and style (Theme), Bixby, Voice enable, Language, Liquid unit setting, Date and time, Accessibility, Software update, Support, Factory reset, About product, Drum light, Auto dispenser, Pump clean, Auto release door, AI Pattern, My cycles (*Cycle Save), Freeze Protection, Calibration, Self Diagnosis
Option ListDelay End, Bubble Soak, Extra Rinse, Softener (Dosing amount), Specialty Detergent (Dosing amount), General Detergent (Dosing amount), Wrinkle Prevent, Dry Prep
Number of Cycle23
Cycle ListNormal, AI Opti Wash & Dry, Super Speed, Heavy Duty, Small Load, Tide POD Cold, Delicates, Steam Whites, Steam Sanitize, Steam Normal, Towels, Bedding, Activewear, Wool, Colors, Perm Press, Eco Cold, Less Microfiber, Rinse+Spin, Spin Only, Time Dry (Dry Only), Air Fluff (Dry Only), Product Care (Self Clean+, Self Dry)
Voice EnabledYes
Auto Open DoorYes
Self DryYes
Auto Condenser CleaningYes
Internal HeaterYes
Self Clean+Yes
Super SpeedYes
Number of Drying Level4 EA
Number of Temp. Level5 EA
Number of Time Level10 EA
Number of Soil Level5 EA
Number of Spin Level7 EA
Drying TypeHeat Pump
AI Opti Wash & DryYes
Smart ControlYes
Reversible DoorNo
Child LockYes
Drying RackNo
Panel Display7" Color LCD
DoorBlack Deco + Glass
Body colourDark Steel
Washing Capacity
Washing Capacity6.1 cu.ft. (IEC) 
Auto DispenseYes
Interior Drum LightYes
Energy Star Most EfficientYes
Energy Star CertificationYes
AI BubbleYes
Spin Speed1200 rpm

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