36" KitchenAid 5 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop - KCGD506GSS
Model #:KCGD506GSS
Category :Gas Cooktops
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Downdraft Ventilation

Integrates the ventilation system into the cooking surface so that a separate hood is not needed. Smoke and odors can be removed and taken outside or filtered and recirculated inside. A duct-free kit is available for purchase separately.

17K BTU Professional Burner

Provides the ability to use high-temperature cooking methods such as searing, stir-frying, and wok cooking as well as low temperatures suitable for simmering.

5K BTU Even-Heat Simmer Burner

A diffuser plate allows more control of the flame at the lowest setting, for more precise simmering and melting.

300 CFM Exhaust Rating

Handles the venting requirements of high temperature cooking techniques like pan searing and stir-frying.

3-Speed Fan Control

Can be precisely matched to cooking needs, effectively removing steam, grease, and odors from the air.

15K BTU Professional Burner

Reaches the high temperatures required to quickly get liquids to a boil and for high-temperature cooking techniques including getting a great sear on meat.

Convertible to Duct-Free Ventilation

Allows a downdraft cooktop to be placed nearly anywhere in the kitchen using a duct-free conversion kit (not included). This filters and recirculates the air without running ductwork, ideal for kitchens with installation restrictions or ducting limitations.

Melt Cap

Melt chocolate or butter, simmer delicate sauces, or poach eggs on a low-power burner, thanks to a wider burner cap that shields and diffuses the flame to produce a gentler, low-power heat.

Electronic Ignition and Automatic Re-Ignition

Lights burners with an electric spark instead of a pilot light. For more reliable performance, burners are relit if the flame is blown out.

Stainless Steel Knobs

Enhance the look of the cooktop surface with sturdy construction that adds to their premium feel.

Full-Width Cast-Iron Grates

Enhance the beautiful look of the cooktop and allow easy movement of cookware around the entire cooking surface.

LP Conversion Kit Included

Allows you to convert the cooktop so it can be used with LP gas.

Configuration and Overview
Cooktop TypeDowndraft
Fuel TypeGas
Surface MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Elements-Burners5
Cooktop Element StyleSealed Burner
Number of Open BaysNA
Installs Over Built-In OvenNo
Cooktop Features
Center Front Power15000 BTU
Center Front TypeSealed Burner
Center Rear Power12,500 BTU
Center Rear TypeSealed Burner
Left Front Power10,000 BTU
Left Front TypeBurner
Left Rear Power5000 BTU
Left Rear TypeEven Heat
Right Rear Power17,000 BTU
Right Rear Element-Burner TypeBurner
Grate DetailsCast Iron Grates, Continuous, Matte Finish
Number of Grates3
Digital DisplayNo
Downdraft VentYes
Heating Element On Indicator LightNo
Hot Surface Indicator LightNo
Power BoostNo

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