Samsung Evolution Kit - SEK-4500/ZA
Model #:SEK-4500/ZA
Category :Audio & Video Accessories
CA $299.99

The SEK-4500 is designed with the latest Smart TV update for owners of select 2012-2015 Samsung TVs.

Enjoy the new on-screen user interface and remote control featuring Bixby Voice and auto input detection.

An intelligent way to enjoy your Smart TV

Entertainment is evolving, and so should your TV . Upgrade your entertainment with the Evolution Kit . Find and watch what you want faster, easier, and more intelligently on Smart Hub. Accessing your favorite show, whether on Live TV or a streaming service, is just one click away . Search less, and watch more. Enjoying TV has never been this easy.

One Remote Control

Easily control connected devices and content with just One Remote Control. It also has an auto detection feature, which automatically connects and labels connected devices. Easy to find, easy to use. Just one remote control.

Accessory Size (W x H x D)14.3" x 1.3" x 4.5"
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D)16.5" x 4.5" x 6.8"
Product Weight1.8 lbs
Shipping Weight (lb)3.2 lbs
Configuration and Overview
Smart Hub'18 Smart Hub
Compatible ModelsUN85S9VFXZA, UN110S9VFXZA UN55F9000AFXZA, UN65F9000AFXZA, UN105S9WAFXZA, UN55HU9000FXZA, UN65HU9000FXZA, UN78HU9000FXZA, UN55HU8700FXZA, UN65HU8700FXZA, UN50HU8550FXZA, UN55HU8550FXZA, UN60HU8550FXZA, UN65HU8550FXZA, UN75HU8550FXZA, UN85HU8550FXZA, UN55HU8500FXZA, UN60HU8500FXZA, UN65HU8500FXZA, UN75HU8500FXZA, UN55HU7250FXZA, UN65HU7250FXZA, UN55HU7200FXZA, UN65HU7200FXZA, UN40HU7000FXZA, UN50HU7000FXZA, UN55HU7000FXZA, UN40HU6950FXZA, UN50HU6950FXZA, UN55HU6950FXZA, UN55HU6830FXZA, UN55HU6840FXZA, UN82S9WAFXZA, UN88JS9500FXZA, UN78JS9500FXZA, UN65JS9500FXZA, UN65JS9000FXZA, UN55JS9000FXZA, UN48JS9000FXZA, UN78JS9100FXZA, UN46ES8000FXZA, UN55ES8000FXZA, UN60ES8000FXZA, UN65ES8000FXZA, UN46ES7500FXZA, UN55ES7500FXZA, UN60ES7500FXZA, UN46ES7100FXZA, UN55ES7100FXZA, UN55ES7150FXZA, UN60ES7100FXZA, UN60ES7150FXZA, UN55ES7550FXZA, UN46F8000BFXZA, UN55F8000AFXZA, UN60F8000BFXZA, UN65F8000BFXZA, UN75F8000AFXZA, PN51F8500FXZA, PN60F8500FXZA, PN64F8500FXZA, UN48H8000AFXZA, UN55H8000AFXZA, UN65H8000AFXZA

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