Samsung Wireless Audio VL350/ZC

Model #:VL350/ZC
Category :Wireless Speakers
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Experience studio sound at home
Listen to crystal clear Hi-Fi sound and get studio quality at your own home. Fine-tuned and certified by AKG.

Experience the sound as intended
Let the music flow with a dynamic and detailed sound. Upscale your music files to 32 bit and let the room be filled with richer sound.

Know the depth of the bass
With technology that can predict and prevent distortion even before it occurs, you can experience a deep and detailed bass without having to connect a separate subwoofer.

Take control
Rotate and click. Or use voice control. With Moving Dial Control you can adjust the volume, scroll between songs or control what you listen to using the voice. Take control and steer clear from where you are. *

Sync with your mobile
Keep Moving Dial Control in and speak the voice command *. With Bluetooth connectivity, the phone synchronizes to Wireless Audio **.

Automatic connection
Easy to install Wireless Audio. Connect the power cord and wait until you get an automatic popup message * on your mobile phone to connect to the network. Then, register the speaker directly from the mobile phone. Then the installation is complete.

Music from all corners
Play music whenever and wherever you want. With the Group Play and SmartThings app, you can listen to music from your Samsung speaker * no matter where in your home. With the SmartThings app, you can manage a variety of smart, paired devices.

Experience stereo sound, always
Raise the TV experience with powerful sound. By connecting two VL3 devices, you can lift the experience with two-channel stereo audio.

General function
Supply Country VoltageFree Voltage
Color / FinishBlack
Decoding Format
Audio Feature
Distortion CancelingYes
UHQ 32bit UpscalingYes
Wireless Frequency Band2.4 / 5 GHz
Wireless LANYes
Samsung ConnectYes
Sound inAUX, 3.5 mm
Mobile App SupportNo.
Control Unit
Voice Feature
Alexa 3PDA SupportsYes
Voice (HFP)Yes
Speaker Power (W)1x 45W + 1x10W
Product Size (WxHxD)210 x 211.5 x 70 mm
Gross size (WxHxD): 1 pcs. packaging278 x 155 x 278 mm
Product weight2.1 kg
Gross weight (1 package)3.2 kg
Power consumption at sleep2.7 W
Remote controlYes

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